What to do when it rains on Oahu?

oahu-rain-paddlingSo, you arrive in paradise, dreaming of sunbathing on warm, sandy beaches, and the sky is pouring rain!!! What is there to do when it rains on Oahu?!?

Go stand up paddling.

Stand up paddling just may be the ticket. In fact, rain creates some of the most beautiful paddling experiences. Why? Because it clears the water of practically all other people, turns the already lush vegetation bright green, and makes a cool “klinck-klick” sound as it hits the water, like rice being poured into a glass jar. An added benefit is how refreshing it feels after building up some body heat from working your stand up paddling muscles. And lastly, here in the “Rainbow State”, with rain almost always comes a rainbow.

Personally, paddling in the rain is one of my favorite times to paddle.

Here’s something else to keep in mind: Oahu’s a small island, that’s true. It’s also an island of weather deceipt: while it may be raining in Honolulu, it is dry and sunny up here in Haleiwa, or on the east coast. Don’t just stay in your hotel room waiting for the rain to pass — it may be beautiful only a short drive away! Call us and we’ll give you the weather update up here.

Of course, we won’t paddle in an electrical or hard storm, but if it’s raining outside, now’s the time to give us a call and experience stand up paddling!