Located at Haleiwa Beach Park, Oahu

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Enjoy the beauty of the North Shore year round! For stand up paddlers, the North Shore is a glassy lake with a mosaic of beauty beneath the surface of the water. The water is smooth and glassy…perfect for stand up paddling. After your lesson, go for a swim in the ocean or drive down the coast stopping at the endless beaches to bask in the sun with the sea turtles on the beach.

All lessons take place in calm flat water, for easy learning.

Your lesson will start out in a protected bay in the ocean then move to the smooth and calm waters of one of Oahu’s most beautiful streams.

After your lesson, travel the coast to catch some of the world’s best surfers in action, or take a breathtaking hike nearby that overlooks the entire North Shore. Calm water lessons are year round on the North Shore. Check out our photo gallery.

Book your North Shore stand up paddle lesson online or by calling 1-800-470-4964.