Turtle talk! Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles

The Anahulu river is the home of the green Hawaiian sea turtles. They are not called green for their outer looks, but for their green insides from all the delicious seaweed they consume. The females can weigh up to 300 pounds and the males can reach 500 pounds and can live up to 80 years! They lay about 100 eggs in a clutch on the French Frigate Shoals. When they hatch, they scamper to the shoreline in a race to escape hungry seagulls and crabs. If they make it to the sea, they float on a bed of seaweed for ten to twelve years. This very exciting time in their life provides them with food and shelter. Only one in ten make it to adulthood and they then swim to the Hawaiian islands where they will live out their days. When the female turns 20-25 years old, they return back to the same place they were born to lay eggs of their own.

What should I wear Stand-up Paddle boarding?

Wear what makes you feel most comfortable in the ocean. Swimsuits or board shorts are great! We recommend wearing a rash guard or water shirt. This will add a layer of protection against the sun during the day or add an additional layer of warmth if the water is chilly during our glow paddles. When the Hawaiian sun is beating down, bring along a hat, lather on some reef safe sunscreen, and wear sunglasses. It is best to leave you favorite pair of shades at home due to the risk of it being lost in the water and the turtles performing a fashion show. Or, bring along a strap for your shades(we have some you’re welcome to borrow!). We recommend leaving your water shoes or sandals out of the water. Bare feet on top of the board makes balancing much easier. If you aren’t completely comfortable in the water yet, never fear! Our instructors are fully trained lifeguards and will provide you with the most fashionable life jackets in the river! Comfort is key, so paddle hard and let us do the rest! Aloha!

What wildlife should I expect on the Anahulu river?

Nestled on the North Shore of Oahu, the Anahulu River stands as a haven for an incredible array of wildlife, offering a unique blend of freshwater and marine ecosystems. This river, winding its way to Haleiwa Harbor, is not only an escape for visitors but also a thriving habitat for diverse species, making it a nature lover’s paradise.

One of the most enchanting features of the Anahulu River is its role as a home for the revered green Hawaiian sea turtles, known locally as “honu.” These gentle giants grace the river with their abundant presence, creating a magical atmosphere for those to witness their graceful movements. As you explore the riverbanks, keep an eye out for these majestic creatures basking in the sun or gracefully navigating the clear waters. And they still say hi during our nighttime glow paddles!

The wildlife doesn’t end with sea turtles; the Anahulu River is also a playground for a variety of bird species. The vibrant colors and distinctive calls of peacocks, doves, and ducks often fill the air, adding a touch of elegance to the natural surroundings.

If you’ve got a sharp eye and some luck, a rare and exciting experience awaits as you venture into the bay connected to the Anahulu River. Eagle rays occasionally make appearances, gliding effortlessly through the bay. These magnificent creatures, with their distinctive shapes and graceful movements, add a touch of wonder to an already enchanting environment.

As the river meets the bay, a bustling underwater world comes to life. Schools of vibrant fish, including lots of Tilapia dance among the roots of mangrove trees along the bank. And it is so fun to watch the occasional jumping fish emerge to say hi!

As we appreciate and respect this natural haven, let us continue to cherish and protect the delicate balance of life that flourishes in the heart of this Hawaiian paradise.

What are you doing this weekend!?

Join us in Haleiwa for fun, sun and good times!!!

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Need ideas for a spontaneous adventure?

We’ve got a great day planned for you! Find us in Haleiwa on Oahu’s North Shore, parked right on the beach. We’ll take you stand up paddleboarding  up the river, under bridges and across the bay. We might spot some “wild”life, like sea turtles, beautiful fish and birds. This picture perfect scenery is waiting for you!

Call us now to get started!

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What is better than a day at the beach?!

A day at the beach and on the water loving life on a paddle board in Hawaii. Come out to Haleiwa in the North Shore and you won’t be able to disagree!!!!

Current weather – Mostly Sunny, 79º and perfect for stand up paddling.



Want more ADVENTURES? Take a Hike!

Ever wondered what to do after having the Most Fun on Oahu with your instructors on Rainbow Watersports Stand Up Paddleboars? Well since we got your blood pumping and endorphins have been released…why not continue on this natural high by going on a easy, breezy hike!

Papailoa Beach Walk

Enjoy a beach walk starting from the Rainbow van. Walk toward Pua’ena point, which is just to the right of the van. As you walk along the shoreline toward the point, take a peek inside the tidepools to see what you can find. Around the corner is Papailoa beach, or locally known as “Police Beach” because it used to be a private beach for the Honolulu police. This is also the location where the popular show “Lost” was filmed. This secluded beach is absolutely stunning, and will whisk you away to a tropical dreamland. Turquoise water, crashing waves, and cliff-like reefs entreat you along the trail. Enjoy traversing between the beach and the semi-marked trail that parallels the beach within the trees and grass. You can walk along this trail all the way to Lanikea beach park, nicknamed Turtle beach for all the turtles that tend to beach there. Also makes for a great morning beach run. Be sure to bring your camera!

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Hamama falls

Nestled in Kahaluu is an easy and popular walk to a beautiful waterfall called Hamama Falls, or Waihee falls. This walk is easy enough for young kids and, as the trail is wide and “paved” in gravel, is also doable with a durable stroller (umbrella strollers are a no-go). Expect about an hour walk up to the falls and a half-hour walk down. Be sure to go right under the falls and let the water fall down on your face – there’s nothing better! To get there, drive about 1.5 hours down the coast from the Rainbow van. Drive around through laie and Kaaawa and pass Chinamans hat and Kuuloa Ranch. Eventually you’ll take a right on Waihee road. The road ends at a metal gate which is where the trail starts. Just park anywhere on the street by the gate. Like anywhere, it’s wise to not leave valuables in the car.


Have a blast guys and enjoy the ‘aina!!

Christmas in Hawaii

Happy Holidays!! It is the time to be thankful, to remember our loved ones, to sing carols, and to most importantly… GIVE! And sometimes we are so caught up in baking or singing or last minute shopping for decorations we forget a thoughtful present. Lucky for you, and the gift-receiver, Rainbow Watersports has a GIFT CARD! This Gift Card is the best present for 3 simple reasons.

1) Easy, flexible, and affordable for you- can be any amount you put on the card or any activity
2) Can be last minute and still be very meaningful and specific
3) Whoever receives this Gift Card gets an unforgettable memory on the water on the North Shore- BECAUSE OF YOU!!


Now I know this is a picture of a Santa Surfing (courtesy of HDW website) , but nonetheless ’tis the season to get on a Stand Up Paddle Board and enjoy the water with loved ones or give them the opportunity to experience the fun! You can order them online on our homepage or very easily call us and we can set one up to your specific needs!

Mele Kalikimaka

Surf Competition right in our Backyard

As we were paddling along the Haleiwa Bay, we heard shouts and yells coming from behind the boat harbor wall! It intensified as we came closer and just as we got far enough on the ocean to peer past the wall..to our surprise and delight a HUGE CRY exploded from the 2014 Reef Hawaiian Pro of the Vans Triple Crown Surfing!! How could we forget it was the time of year again to see the surfers from all over the world come join together for competitions held in Rainbow Watersports backyard. After the lesson, we raced over to join the commotion and cheer on all the contestants. We had famous, strong surfers ranging from John John Florence to Fredrick Patcchia and they all looked like they were having a blast on the water. In the end we congratulated Maui’s Sebastian Zietz for taking the gold! CAM02146

Oh and I’ll tell you why sometimes it is easy to forget.. because the Anahulu River is just so calm! It is crazy the difference between the North Shore waves to the protected Haleiwa Bay that leads in to the River under the Rainbow Bridge. What an adventure! Come join us on the water!