It’s easy to get to the North Shore of Oahu, and here’s a quick map of the North Shore. Just cruise up Route 99  through the pineapple fields and feel the fresh ocean air flood your car as you descend down to Haleiwa. Rainbow Watersports is easy to find located at the Haleiwa Beach Park. You’ll see the Rainbow van painted with a HUGE rainbow on the site.  Enjoy your trip to the North Shore!

The North Shore of Oahu in the summer is the best! The ocean is smooth and calm, the sun sets over the ocean in the evening, and the slow pace of Haleiwa with leave you happy and relaxed.  There are a few things you’ll want to make sure you do when you visit the North Shore of Oahu.

Food: Definitely hit up Luibueno’s for some fresh Mexican seafood. Get the seared or blackened Ahi burrito and you’re stoked! Order a side of guacamole for all your chips and you’re in heaven.  The are located right in the heart of Haleiwa town.

Play: The safest and most fun way to get out in the water is to come padding with Rainbow Watersports. Call 1-800-470-4964. All ages and abilities, year round. Come in the morning or evening to paddle along side the gentle  and beautiful sea turtles.

Rest: Be sure to take some time to lounge on any of the beaches. A great beach for families is Alii Beach Park. It’s just around the corner from Rainbow Watersports.

You’re going to LOVE the North Shore in the Summer!