Turtle talk! Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles

The Anahulu river is the home of the green Hawaiian sea turtles. They are not called green for their outer looks, but for their green insides from all the delicious seaweed they consume. The females can weigh up to 300 pounds and the males can reach 500 pounds and can live up to 80 years! They lay about 100 eggs in a clutch on the French Frigate Shoals. When they hatch, they scamper to the shoreline in a race to escape hungry seagulls and crabs. If they make it to the sea, they float on a bed of seaweed for ten to twelve years. This very exciting time in their life provides them with food and shelter. Only one in ten make it to adulthood and they then swim to the Hawaiian islands where they will live out their days. When the female turns 20-25 years old, they return back to the same place they were born to lay eggs of their own.