Flat Water in Big Wave Season

The whole North Shore is brimming with excitement over the swells that have been coming in these last few days (Big Wave season is coming!!!)

Haleiwa is called, “The Surfing Capital of the World”, and with good reason.  Seven miles of coastline offer awesome surf — and in the winter those waves can reach to 30 foot faces!  Last year alone the waves averaged 10ft.  It’s no wonder that many tourists are intimidated to come up to the North Shore to stand up paddle during big wave season!!

So here’s a post to calm your fears:  Rainbow Watersports enjoys calm waters YEAR ROUND!!  We are so fortunate to be in one of the few locations on the North Shore that does not get waves.  Occasionally the water may get a bit choppy, and if that’s the case, we know how to avoid rough water and remain safe.

So come on out and enjoy stand up paddling on CALM WATERS during BIG WAVE season!!