Lesson Times

Private Lesson Times Available Every Hour from 8am to Sunset Monday – Saturday
Open Group Lessons Are at 11:00am Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.


Reservations are required for all lessons.

The North Shore of Oahu is one of the most beautiful places on Earth to stand up paddle in flat water or surf. Nicknamed the 7-Mile-Miracle, the North Shore is one of the most dynamic coastlines of the Hawaiian islands. Whether your book your lesson in the still of the morning, the excitement of mid-day, or the serenity of the evening, your stand up paddle lessons will be safe, memorable, and packed with top notch instruction. After reviewing the times below, indicate your preferred time on the online reservations page or make your reservation by phone.

The conditions are slightly different at various times of the day. Here’s a peek at what you can expect in the morning, mid-day and evening.

Paddling in the morning.

Paddling in the morning photo

Nothing compares to the serenity of an early morning paddle or surf on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu. Light winds mean smooth paddling and clear water.

Hit the water before the crowds do and learn to stand up paddle in the solemnity of the morning air on the ocean or along the historic Anahulu River.

This is an excellent lesson time for paddlers desiring a relaxing morning without the challenge of the mid-day Hawaiian trade winds. Early morning often brings ideal wind, water, and light conditions.

The morning session is idea especially for those who want solemnity and a greater chance for light winds. Perfect for all abilities.

Paddling in mid-day.

Paddling during the daytime photo

Have your stand up paddle lesson in the beauty of the Hawaiian trade winds. These winds come from the East or Windward Side of the island bringing cool breezes and refreshing air to the heat of the day.

For flat water lessons, the trades are great for beginning paddlers who are up for a challenge and want to experience the beauty of the ocean and wind.

The mid-day paddles also take us to the beautiful, still waters Anahulu River that is sheltered from the wind and current of the ocean where you can rest, relax, enjoy the beauty of the island and refine your stand up paddle skills before venturing back out on the ocean.

The Mid-Day session is ideal for stand up paddlers who love the beauty of the mid-day sun and Hawaiian trade winds.

Paddling at sunset.

Paddling at sunset photo

Pure bliss! The perfect way to end the day. Evening glass and still winds are what you’ll find most evenings on the North Shore of Oahu. The trade winds taper out as the majesty of the evening begins to come over the island.

Smooth waters, mild temperatures, and the beauty of the Hawaiian sunset reflecting off the water set a surreal atmosphere for the final half of your lesson.

For flat water paddlers, the conditions are near perfect.

We suggest packing a picnic so you can spend some time and to enjoy the entire sunset at the end of your lesson.

Nothing compares to the calm of the evening as the winds receed and the ocean starts slipping into it calm of the night. The Sunset session is ideal for paddlers who would like to enjoy the beauty of the blue skies and sun at the end of the day and the stillness of the evening.

Great for stand up paddlers of all abilities.