Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals - Haleiwa, North Shore, Oahu, HI

Stand up paddleboard rentals photo

Yes! Rainbow Watersports Adventures rents stand up paddle boards in Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu! We have quality boards and paddles of all sizes so you’ll have the perfect board for your ability and the water conditions. All rental packages include: board, paddle, and leash.

Call 1-800-470-4964 to reserve your stand up
paddle board & kayak rentals or book online.

Hourly Rate: $20/hr Daily Rate: $60/day
Call for weekly rate and drop off/pick up rate.

*For safety, first time paddlers wanting to rent, are required to get a brief dry-land orientation by one of our awesome instructors to learn some basic skills. This orientation is a one-time $20 flat fee for your whole group in addition to the hourly rate per board. (Example: If you’ve never paddled before and are ready to rent 3 boards for 1 hour. Pricing is $20 (intro) + $20/hr/board = $80 total)

We always encourage our paddlers to take the full 2 hour lesson, which will give you the skills to become confident paddlers, and guarantee you a great time on the water. However, if you have limited time, or a tight budget, renting may be the right option for you.

The water can be unpredictable and your safety is our top priority. This is why we require our renters to either have previous experience or begin your rental with a dry-land lesson.

If you do not have previous stand up paddle experience, the dry-land lesson is required before renting. You will learn the basic skills necessary for stand up paddling before heading off on your own. Your experience will be safer and you will paddle with more confidence.

Dry-land lesson takes about 20 minutes and is a flat rate of $20 for your whole group.

*For the safety of our paddlers and others in the surf breaks, we do not rent our equipment for wave riding.

Click here for a map or call for directions.

*credit card required for security deposit

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